Vain Magazine Acticle

Thank you Vain for running this great article on my work with the foundation...........VAIN magazine captures the essence and core of all women, with a direct focus on self. VAIN applauds the appearance and achievements of these individuals who strive for success every day. The ultimate women’s lifestyle online magazine features everyday life issues, trends, fashion, beauty, cars, culture, politics, financial advice, food, exercise, music and celebrities, while encompassing real life people, raw and untouched. VAIN women are beautiful, jugglers of sin and virtue. I love vain!!!!! to read the article visit http://www.vainmag.com/?p=1060


Dos Equis Campaign for Mexico

On billboards and beer bottles all over Mexico right now, you can see me in the new Dos Equis Campaign shot by David La Chapelle. Remember to always drink responsibly folks.



Take a look at my new commercial for the US launch of the Nissan Cube.


Christian Audigier Campaign- On Set

Fantasy is reality in the world of Christian Audigier. So who is the perfect photographer to shoot his new billboard campaign where the characters from his designs come to life?.....Surrealist extraordinaire David LaChapelle of course. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the campaign shoot. Keep an eye out for the billboards in Los Angeles late April/ early May.


Shape Magazine Article-The Woman who Saved My Life

This month Shape Magazine interviews me about the affect my mother's diagnosis has had on my life. Her diagnosis has changed my life in so many ways. Although cancer can be caused by many external environmental factors,  cancer also runs in my family making me more at risk than others, where cancer is not prevalent in their family history.  This has inspired me to do everything I can to stay not just cancer free but disease free.  Eating a diet full of  fresh organic fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and keeping stress levels down by doing lots of yoga and meditating all help me to do so.  Adopting a holistic lifestyle like I have does not ensure you will stay disease free but it does lower your chances dramatically of developing cancer and other diseases. Besides, it ensures that you treat your temple with the respect and love it deserves. Love to you Mother and many thanks for teaching me to love my mind, body and spirit. The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste