Ice Breaker Mints Campaign Shoot-Behind the Scenes

Every time David La Chapelle calls me to book me for a shoot I know its going to be fabulous! He is a true artist in every sense and really puts so much thought into every shot no matter who the client is. I always know to expect a high energy shoot filled with rich imagery, color and life. Here are a few behind the scene shots from today's Ice Breaker Mint photo shoot. Expect to see the advertisements on billboards and magazines starting in February.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month-We are all survivors

It is once again Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is a special time for us to be able to celebrate the lives of these brave warriors, our heroes who we call cancer survivors. Cancer survivors are not just those that have been diagnosed with cancer, they are also the family and friends of those who have struggled in this battle first hand. 
I became a cancer survivor 3 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is cancer of the bone marrow. At that time I had no idea of the struggle and strife that was to come in her days to follow. As my mother began treatment, she became so weak that some days she couldn't even get out of the bed or do much for herself at all. Many times I would find myself at her bedside in the hospital where she would 
sleep for days and when awake would find herself completely disoriented.
She lost her appetite, the color in her skin, the feeling in her toes, at some point her hair and all of her energy. She lost her independence, which probably frustrated her the most. She lost so much. However, she never lost the most important thing. She never lost her will to live. She never lost HOPE.
I watched in amazement as I witnessed  my mother fight everyday for her life. She fought relentlessly, no matter how tired she was. My mother became my hero and a huge inspiration to all of us. I am so proud of her.
What I realized is that all was not lost. What my mother found within herself was an inner strength that she didn't even know existed . What she found was unconditional love and support from those who stood by her side in her courageous battle. She found herself and found others by her side.
This past week I was filled with joy to hear that my mother's cancer count is now so low that it is virtually undetected.  After a long three years, she has finished with her chemotherapy and the suffering. I am immensely grateful for her healing. She has won in her fight against cancer and she is a cancer survivor.
You see we are all cancer survivors. The spouses, children, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends that have fought so hard to help a loved one survive are cancer survivors also. For we too fight cancer each and every day. It is our love and support that helps these strong warriors to fight back and realize that all is not lost.
This month reminds us to celebrate and honor the lives of breast cancer survivors. Those who are here with us, those who have past and those who have stood by and supported a loved one in their fight against cancer. 
"You're in the midst of war: a battle between the limits of a crowd seeking the surrender of your dreams and the power of your true vision to create and contribute. It is the fight between those who will tell you what you cannot do, and that part of you knows and has always known that we are more than our environment; and that a dream, backed by an unrelenting will to attain it, is truly a reality with an imminent arrival." Anthony Robbins


Behr Paint Avertisement

This month you can check out my ad for Behr paint in Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens and other lifestyle and home decor magazines.
"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change." Earl Nightingal


BET Awards

From the red carpet of this year's BET awards.
"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." William Arthur Ward


Cover of Twin Cities Lux and Fashion

Ok, so here is the cover and editorial from Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion Magazine on stands now!
Also, I have decided to share  a quote every time I do a post to share ideas or thoughts that inspire me.  Thank you for reading!
"Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward." Henry Ford.


Twin City Magazine Cover Shoot

When my dear friend Grant Whittaker, Senior Style Editor of Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion magazine asked me to appear on the cover for their next issue, I was honored to say the least. The the 10 page fashion editorial  inside was all about the jet setting  lifestyle of entrepreneur Dena Cali. Lounging on my 14 million dollar jet, flying my helicopter, taking the Bentley coupe for a spin and playing with all of my other toys had me feeling way too fabulous.  After a very long and cold two day shoot, a closet full of couture, a million in diamonds, 12 designer hand bags and 90 thousand dollar diamond studded shoes later, i thought OK I'm a successful business woman,  why don't I have a jet?  After all i have to be thankful for in this life time, i was still thinking about what i didn't have and then i remembered one of my favorite quotes, 
"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things hoped for." Epicurus
I am humbly thankful for all I have been blessed with in this life and all of the love I have been blessed to be able to share with those I hold close.  If I was to be stripped of all material possessions, I am thankful to say that my life would still be full with love.
For that I am truly thankful.
The magazine hits stands next week. Here are some behind the scene photos from the shoot. Never stop giving thanks!
Photos courtesy of  Nicole Houff Photography


Behr Paint Commercial Shoot

Lately I have been crazy busy with some  new commercial projects I have been filming. Last week I shot a new commercial and print campaign for Behr paint that will air in a few weeks. Here is a little behind the scenes on set action for ya! Thanks to all of you who send me emails to the site and for your constant support and blessings.  


Aromatherapy Thymes

Ok, so here it is. My first, one and only official blog. Welcome to my world people. This is the only place that you can get a behind the scenes look into my day to day of CEO decisions, jet setting, photo shoots, autograph signings and my quest to save the world and empower women world wide. I hope my giving you a look into my day to day inspires you young people to take the initiative in your lives to make it happen for yourselves. I'm living out my dream each and everyday and so can you! I'm young, your young, lets make this movement towards enlightenment a reality.
Thanks to Aromatherapy Tymes for the great article this month!